Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ice Fishing with Chance

What an awesome way to start out the year! Chance and I went fishing on January 2nd with his uncles Tyson and Bo. We went to East Canyon to try our luck on some trout. This was Chances first time ice fishing, and kind of his first time being able to do the reeling. Luckily, we were able to let him try landing some fish! 
The weather was pretty warm, which was nice and bad at the same time. Nice because it was comfortable, but bad because there was standing water on the ice. It made it really slippery, and Chance was always getting his hands wet. 
I haven't been ice fishing for a while, and had never really had much success the times i have been. This time was great though! Chance and I landed about 7 fish, and Tyson and Bo each had the same or more! We weren't there real long, so I thought those were good numbers!
It was a blast to get out fishing with my son. I've always dreamed of having a son to take fishing, and now that I can, well, it's just the coolest thing ever... I'm so excited for many more years of fishing trips and telling fishing stories!

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